Best Adsense Tips And Secrets That Maximize Revenue

Best Adsense Tips And Secrets That Maximize Revenue

Best Adsense Tips And Secrets That Maximize Revenue

AdSense Tip 1: Find Best keywords for your content
Before serving ads on a web page, check its keyword density. You can find many free keyword analyzer tools in internet searching the word "free keyword analyzer".
AdSense Tip 2: Improve your keywords
Get keyword suggestions from Google AdWords Sandbox. Get new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance.
AdSense Tip 3: Make content rich websites
This means that content-rich websites of a popular topic should attract a large number of ads.
AdSense Tip 4: Write a new page/blog post every day
This is very important. The more content you have, the more visitors you will get. Put an Adsense unit on each and every content page of your site.
AdSense Tip 5: Choose the right AdSense format
The top three AdSense formats are for many webmasters:
336x280 large rectangle
300x250 medium rectangle
160x600 wide skyscraper
Another successful format is the 728x15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.
Use "Allowed site" feature of Adsense to protect yourselves. If anyone put Adsense codes on their websites you must not worried about it.
AdSense Tip 6: Adsense Color tips
When creating your Google AdSense ads it is recommended to use the color scheme and style of your website so that the ads blend in well.Google Ads with no background color and no borders will always perform better. Make the border color and background color same as your page background color.
AdSense Tip 7: Position tips
Place the AdSense ads in a prominent place around the top/left part of your page or under your headlines.
For short articles, CTR is best when ads are placed just above the content.
For long articles, CTR will improve if you place ads somewhere in the middle of the content or just where the article ends.
Use Text Ads instead of Image Ads as users get more options and the payout is often higher.
Important: Don't place images next to Google ads as that will invite a permanent ban to your AdSense account.
AdSense Tip 8: Increase the number of ads, but not too much
If you have a lot of text on a page, use multiple AdSense units. You can use up to three AdSense units on a page, two AdSense search boxes and one unit of ad links.
AdSense Tip 9: Preview Google ads
You can find out what ads will be served by Google AdSense if you install Google AdSense Preview Tool, a very simple tool available only for Internet Explorer 6.0. Click to advertiser sites without generating invalid clicks, and easily add their URLs to your URL filter list. Because AdSense uses geo-targeting, Google serves different ads for other countries.
AdSense Tip 10: What not to do with Adsense
Don't click on your own ads
Don't ask others to click on your Google ads
Don't manually change AdSense code
Don't place Google ads on sites that include prohibited content (e.g.: adult sites)
Don't employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links
Don't use AdSense ads on the same page with similar ads (e.g.: Yahoo Publisher Network)
And also don't refresh your site excessively.
AdSense Tip 11: Use section targeting
Use section targeting to emphasize some content in your page.
AdSense Tip 12: Your Google ads should be visible
Make sure your text ads are visible well to the surfers in all screen formats.
AdSense Tip 13: Use AdSense channels
You can categorize the content of your website into channels and then track your performance. This way you can experiment with different types of ads and see which is performing the best.
AdSense Tip 14: Follow Adsense Programme Policies
Strictly follow the rules mentioned in Adsense policies. You will always earn more money from Adsense if you do it.
AdSense Tip 15: Never modify the Google Adsense HTML code
AdSense Tip 16: Don't place ads in pop-up windows, error pages, empty pages
You must always remember to not to do it.
AdSense Tip 17: Don't start an "MFA"(made for Adsense) web site
You will never make money out these Made for Adsense websites. Instead, write on topics what you are passionate about. Don't waste your money and time searching on high-paying Adsense keywords lists.
AdSense Tip 18: Block Low Paying Adsense Ads
Block low paying advertisers with Filters.
AdSense Tip 19: Adsense For Search
Always select the setting to open Google Adsense search box results in a new browser window so you won't lose your visitors.
I hope this article helps you a lot, for more information visit this site:

RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 released

RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 released

RRB Group D Answer Key 2018 released

     The Railways Recruitment Board (RRB) has recently released the Answer Keys for the Group D examination on its official region wise websites.

        answer keys for the Group D examination was released on Jan11 2019, since then many candidates facing problem in downloading their answer keys.

RRB Group D Result 2018 Region-wise:
Name Of BoardOfficial Website

check how to contact regional RRB and raise objection

        Regional websites get down many times because of the heavy traffic and load on the server. Some candidates still not able to download their answer keys, can write to the concerned authority through the email IDs given below and register their grievances..

        Login using this link > LOGIN

    Regional Website      E-Mail ID

RRB Group D Result 2018 Region-wise:
Name Of BoardOfficial Website

Jammu & srinagar









        But, we advise candidates to try downloading RRB Group D answer keys from their respective regional website,

        And also many candidates are still unable to download their RRB Group D answer keys from the official regional website, the last date to objection submission may be extended by the board.

        However candidates are advised to should not wait for the last date to raise their objection, if any, on the answer keys, they should do it at the earliest possible.

         Candidates can raise the objection against any question on Answer Key from Jan 14, 2019 onwards. the fees against it can be paid up to Jan 19, 2019.

         per question rs 50/- charged for raising the objection, but this fee will be refunded if and only if the objection raised by the candidate found valid and sustained by the board.

         Hence, candidates have to check their question booklet and the answers match thoroughly then provide sufficient and valid evidence in your support.

          Only candidates who appeared for the examination can raise the objection against the RRB Group D answer keys,.

Indian Underrated PC Game Streamers -: Help Indian YouTube Gaming Comunity

Indian Underrated PC Game Streamers  -: Help Indian YouTube Gaming Comunity

Indian Underrated PC Game Streamers  -: Help Indian YouTube Gaming Comunity

Here are all the underrated PC games streamers I know - :

Guys spread these channels among your friends

If u really want to help the Gaming community support them rather than supporting cancerous emulator streamers 

Damn it's so sad when we look at the YouTube community of India 

Nondeserving shits are getting more support than these ppl who actually deserve the audience

Who is working hard to grow the gaming community

For e.g - ezio18rip he has uploaded 1k+ videos and is having only 14k subs (same with hemanT_T)

Others are streaming PUBG or FORTNITE and even story games

But everyone is just interested in a single mobile game 

Damn this audience 

When I tell I will support the gaming community ... I never mean to promote only my channel but I will also help all these channels 😊

Please, guys show some support to all channels

At lease go subscribe!

And if u know more then mention in the comments.

Indian Youtube Game Streamer List -

1 )   CIGAR YT 
CIGAR YT youtube channel

Youtube channel -:  Click here


EZIO18RIP youtube channel

Youtube Channel -:  Click Here


LUNATIC youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here

4 )  ROBO49

ROBO49 youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here


PC Gaming youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here


fett's corner youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here

7 )  HEMAN
heman youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here


rakazone gaming youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here

grimo youtube channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here

10 ) DANNY_S

dannyS youtube channel

Channel Link – Click Here

11 ) XYAA

xyaa youtube gaming channel

Youtube Channel – Click Here

Not mentioning Beastboyshub cuz he's not underrated he's growing pretty dope!
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Aapna Time Ayega - Song lyrics - Gully Boy 2019 | Ranveer singh

Aapna Time Ayega - Song lyrics - Gully Boy 2019 | Ranveer singh

Aapna Time Ayega - Song lyrics - Gully Boy 2019 | Ranveer singh

" Apna Time Ayega "

Apna Time Aayega!

" Uth ja apni rakh se tu udd ja ab talash mai...

Parvaj dekh parvane ki aasama bhi sar uthayega

Aayega apna time aayega...

Tab bhi mera khwab kaise tu dafnayega...

Ab housle se jeene de
ab khouf nahi hai seene main, 
Har raste ko cheeenge..
Ham kamyabi chheenenge..
Sabkuch mila paseene se..
Matlab bna ab jeene mai..


Kyuki apna time aayega tu nanga hi to aaya hai kya ghanta lekar jayega..

Apna time aayega ..
Apna time aayega ..
Apna time aayega ..

Tu nanga hi to aaya hai kya ghanta lekar jayega,?

Apna time aayega ..
Apna time aayega ..
Apna time aayega ..

Tu nanga hi to aaya hai kya ghanta lekar jayega,? 


- Gully Boy

" अपना टाईम आयेगा "

"उठ जा अपनी राख से तू उड जा अब तलाश में ....

परवाज देख परवाने कि आसमा भी सर उठायेगा... 

आयेगा अपना टाईम आयेगा ...

तब भी मेरा खाब कैसे तू दफनायेगा....

अब हौसले से जीने दे अब खौफ नहीं है सीने में 
हर रास्ते को चिरेंगे ..
हम कामयाबी छिनेंगे..
सबकुछ मिला पसीने से...
मतलब बना अब जीने में


क्युन्की अपना time आयेगा तू नंगा ही तो आया है क्या घंटा लेकर जायेगा 

 अपना टाईम आयेगा ...
 अपना टाईम आयेगा ...
अपना टाईम आयेगा ...

 तू नंगा ही तो आया है क्या घंटा लेकर जायेगा ?"

अपना टाईम आयेगा ...
 अपना टाईम आयेगा ...
अपना टाईम आयेगा ...

 तू नंगा ही तो आया है क्या घंटा लेकर जायेगा ?"

- Gully Boy

Payment Test

Payment Test
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Check CAT 2018 Result | TechXByte

How to Check CAT 2018 Results

       Here's How to Check The CAT Result 2018 which has been declared today and available at

       The CAT 2018 or Common Admission Test Result 2018 announced today by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIM Calcutta).

       To avoid the partial leak of reports, the IIM Calcutta has preponed the result release date to Jan 5, 2019.

       Click here to login on the official website and check your scorecard


STEP 1.-:  Log on to the official website -

STEP 2. -:  Open CAT 2018 score card link.

STEP 3.-:  Enter your CAT 2018 login ID  and password correctly. And click on Your Result.

STEP 4.-:  Overall sectionall score will appear.

STEP 5.-:  Download or print your Result or score card.

       Shortlisted candidates for selection rounds will be published separately by IIMs
       official CAT websites says, "Each IIM will send interview letters to the shortlisted candidates directly. The criteria for shortlisting vary across IIMs.



                                            SO ! FINALLY WAIT IS OVER!!


                  The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) Exam will be held in February 2019, And "All Candidates can able to download the GATE 2019 Admit Card" check official update on the GATE site also.
        The admit card will also carry details of the exam center, shift time and date.

GATE 2019 Admit Card: How To Download??

1: Click on GATE ADMIT CARD..

2: You will be redirected to GOAPS  portal.

3:  Enter and Submit the details correctly.

4: Take a printout or save as PDF of your GATE admit card.

Exam will be held on 2,3,9 & 10 Feb of 2019

In two shifts

1. 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (morning shift)
2. 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm (evening shift)

You have to print your admit card on A 4  sized paper using a laser printer, it must to print the admit card in above format and color print is preferred.

Mobile phones, physical calculators, wristwatches, or any other electronic items are not permitted inside the examination hall as per examination rules


         If you brings any of these items, you have to be kept outside the examination hall at your own risk.

If you found to be in possession of these items (even if not using them), you will be disqualified and the result will not be declared .


                                                                                                                               ~ S.J.