Top 5 Rising App For Windows Phones & Windows 10 PCs

1. AppRaisin : AppRaisin UWP Fully Universal App For Discover New Apps and Games, top of the crop app and games releases and updates from the Microsoft Windows Store. Apps Update News with Change log, Price Drop and App Discovery, Latest New Apps Promotion, Build For Windows 10 Universal Apps News, New Raising App News, AppRaisin UWP Available For Windows 10 PC & Mobile.

2. myAppFree : myAppFree Best App Deals For Paid Apps In Free App for Everyday, Latest Apps Promotion and App Free Deals For Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 PC & Mobile, only the best apps and games available in the Microsoft Windows Store, Discover new apps and games for Windows Phone every day For Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 PC & Mobile, myAppFree Available In Windows 10 PC & Mobile.

3. 9Zen Store  : 9Zen Store UWP App for Windows 10 PC & Mobile, 9Zen Store helps you find awesome, free, discounted, new apps for your Windows 10 devices, free/discounted apps for the day, Browse apps and see their reviews/ratings from over 60 countries, Search apps with an advanced search features for apps not shown by Microsoft Windows Store Search, 9Zen Store Best Choice for New Windows phone Users.

4. Download App Later  : Download App Later Universal App For Windows 10 PC & Mobile, An App Help to Download Your App Later Time, Download Your App Later in single 3 clicks easy to use, Useful app For Windows 10 Devices, Xbox One games can be added or send directly to the Xbox via using Edge browser Or Other Web Browser (share web site).

5. AIDA64  : AIDA64 Universal App For Windows 10 PC & Mobiles, Hardware and software information utility for Windows 10 computers and mobile devices Based on the extensive hardware knowledge of the AIDA64 Extreme software, the AIDA64 app is capable of showing various diagnostic information for computers, phones and tablets including : CPU,Direct3D GPU, Windows OS properties details, and many more information.

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